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Christian Dance Studio & Performing Arts

Glorifying God through the Arts

“In HIS Steps” is a contemporary, Christian-based Dance Studio and Performing Arts Center offering professional instruction in ballet, pointe, lyrical, tap, hip-hop, Jazz, modern, contemporary, and all-boys classes. We also offer voice, piano, guitar; both private and group sessions. Our mission is to teach our students to reach the world with the gospel through the arts and to teach them how to use the arts to glorify, honor, and praise our Heavenly Father.

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Summer Classes!!

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Classes will run from June 30 to July 30

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Schedules, Calendars, Registration Forms, Tuition Information. Recital Information, and Dress Code


Class Schedule, Levels, and Descriptions

Class Levels

Class Descriptions

Pre-pointe and Pointe Classes are an extension of Ballet. These classes are designed to train the young dancer to build her strength when dancing en Pointe shoes and develop her coordination and control. To be enrolled in a pre-pointe or pointe class you must 1) be admitted into the class by instructor and 2) be enrolled into 2 additional Ballet classes.

Tap Classes emphasize the development and strength of Tap technique and terminology; highlighting the importance of rhythm and sound.

Jazz Classes are an exciting and ever-changing dance form full of rhythm, syncopation, passion and life. Classes will be powerful, expressive and taught with upbeat Christian music.

Hip-Hop Classes are high energy class that use the latest sounds in Christian music. This class will break down steps and techniques and also emphasize bringing style and personality to the movement. Hip-Hop is never done small and students will be encouraged to step outside of the box and Dance Big for JESUS!!

Modern Classes emphasize the use of the floor for centering and grounding oneself in movement. Concepts of over curve/under curve and contraction/release musicality and rhythm will be explored. An eclectic blend of contemporary movement that would be glorifying to GOD will be set to Christian Contemporary music.

Lyrical Classes are a fusion of Ballet & Jazz dance techniques. This class will challenge students to use movements and motion to tell the story of the music and is very expressive.

Contemporary Class is a style of dance that provokes, expresses, and reflects through movement the point of view of the dancer and/or choreographer. It capitalizes on the universal language of dance by using all types of movements. Some “thread elements” visible in contemporary dance include modern, ballet and jazz. Contemporary choreography is set to a variety of sounds, from music to spoken word to the richness of silence.

Acro Classes will emphasize work on tumbling, conditioning, flexibility, proper form and strengthening. Specific skills for this level include forward and backward rolls, straddle forward roll, head stand, chin stand, cartwheels, bridges, handstands, one-handed cartwheel, round-off, bridge walking, back-bend kick-over, handstand forward roll and more.

“Young Professionals” Ballet Classes will raise the bar in excellence for Ballet. Every dancer will be required to be in proper dance attire or not permitted to class (leotard, tights, ballet shoes, dance skirt/dance shorts & tight tank top if necessary); NO leggings or T-Shirts will be allowed. Hair completely pulled up. You must be at class unless you are ill, be on time, take corrections with a good attitude. Expect to work hard and be held accountable to do so!

Nutrition & Fitness Classes will begin with a nutrition lesson, idea or recipe for the week. Fitness class will be high energy, hard core with strength and core training.

Class Dress Code


We offer individual, group, and parent/child lessons in voice, piano, and guitar. Please click below to download our pricing information, class descriptions, and registration form.


2019-2020 Dance Faculty

Amy Pernie

Christina Ramirez

Paola Pearce

Stephanie Bonner

Chesney Pernie

Gabby Gulley

Julie Prasek

Katie Qestricher

Angela Wells

Haley Mroz

Melissa Banks

Olivia Fisher

Ben Rera

Esther Felt

Heather Murray

Callie Bracewell

Maggie Pearce

Senior Apprentices

Junior Apprentices



“In His Steps” has been such a blessing to our family. My daughter has grown as a dancer, but more importantly as a person, and the positive influence of her teachers and friends at “In His Steps” has played a part in that growth. The studio is a fun, but educational environment, and the fact that dance and the arts are portrayed as a gift from God is awesome. Instead of learning to dance because it’s fun or so that she can climb some ballet ladder of success, my daughter is learning to dance to give God glory for blessing her with a desire to dance.

—Lalla P.

I love In His Steps! The atmosphere is awesome. The owners and staff are super friendly and professional. My daughter loves her ballet & tap combo class! They all look sooo cute. Most of all it is A CHRISTIAN STUDIO so my child is getting allot more than just dance! They pray and talk about the love of Jesus while getting high quality dance training. I highly recommend this studio. Me and my child look forward to attending class every week:)

—Taffany A.

This studio is wonderful. The teachers all really love kids and take care to make sure every student does well. The owner’s heart for ministry shines through in all she does, and the environment is not overly pushy or stuffy. A great place to learn–my daughter has been there 4 years and loves it.

—Shana H.

My daughter has been dancing here for 3 years. She loves it. She has learned so much. Not only does she have fun, but it keeps her active. Anyone looking for a place for their kids to dance, sing, or act I highly recommend In His Steps.

—Danielle H.


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